The Tumble

The Tumble Bag challenges the traditional placement of handbag shoulder strap on the top of the bag. It is replaced by an elegant adjustable strap placement so that it can be carried in different ways, while maintaining its signature geometric shape.

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\ Backslash 

Backslash was inspired from the simple square tote bag.This design is a play of clean lines and geometry shapes; adding an unexpected twist to the handbag.
Geometric shape are typically easy to predict. But not this bag, its shape if looking at it from one-sided gives the illusion of a square handbag, however at other sides the true shape of the handbag with varieties of Trapezoid can be seen making a statement. 

III Triple Collection

Triple Collection is a series of transformative bags. Made with nylon and leather,making them light weight. Each bag takes geometry elements creating classic design with youthful twist. All kind of settings and options to fit any needs.

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Wear The Tumble On Chain 3 Style

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